Critical moments need some luck, the champion also have the championship luck Anton Forsberg Jersey, not only 90 minutes, there are overtime, penalty shootout. Frustrated Naturally, missed the championship is not easy to release the release, lose the final, means that before a lot of effort are wasted, the second experience, feeling more disappointed, and then the third time it will really feel confused. "Then he shrugged, his face flashed a little helpless Justin Falk Jersey. Previously, Locke West champion Levante has been locked early next season La Liga seats, and in the 41st round after the game, Girona 20 wins and 10 draws and 11 losses to get 70 points in the remaining round of the game Case, than the third of the Getafe 3 points, but also the advantages and disadvantages of the relationship between the early lock in West B second, won the next season's La Liga qualification. Girona is located in the Catalan region of Spain Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey, is the second largest city in the region, the Girona club was formally established in 1930, had never fought La Liga, and has in 2013,2015 and 2016 upgrade escalation Survive, and now they finally for the first time to achieve the desire to fight La Liga James Wisniewski Jersey.