As Mourinho's favorite player, due to injury in Chelsea lost position of Essien 2012 rent to join Real Madrid. Ghana midfielder to become a versatile player, often to play back. In Heinze joined Real Madrid, Ferguson said Real Madrid signed Heinze only because C Luo requirements, but to 6.8 million pounds to join the Heinze has helped Real Madrid won the championship in 2008 Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey. Before last summer, few people know the name of Moussa - Deng Beilei, but in the past this season, the French player to play is really high light. Moussa - Dumbai was born in July 12, 1996, the Secretary forward, the effectiveness of Fulham period, he showed some potential, but the real outbreak is joined in the Celtics, under the cultivation of Rogers, this The progress of the star is very fast Lukas Sedlak Jersey, just the past season, he represented the team in 46 games into the 32 goals, is a first-class center of the data, against Manchester City Champions League game Mark Letestu Jersey, he also scored, played very well. Chelsea striker Diego - Costa is likely in January next year to return to the old club Madrid Cam Atkinson Jersey, the British media with "very close" to describe the potential transfer. This shows that when Atletico Madrid in the transfer market when the lifting of the time, Simoni team to determine the first sign is likely to be the old Diego - Costa.