Although Van Gaal led the team to get the 2016 FA Cup Zach Werenski Jersey, but when the team's style is too boring, too boring, and I believe that no one Manchester United fans like a year ago the team's play. Last summer, Mourinho introduced four players, these fresh blood greatly improved the competitiveness of Manchester United. So, from any point of view, this is a very successful season. Real Madrid sent Bell also have some other intention, in the summer, Galaxy warships may be the introduction of Muba Pei and Azal such a star, if sent away from the Bell, just can make room for salary. Of course, Florentino or some of Bell's dismay, after all, Wales star is his personal introduction of the players. Bell in the future of Real Madrid is not optimistic, if the new aid to join his position is bound to be the impact David Clarkson Jersey, and even in the current lineup, he also need to compete with Isaac and Assisio playing time Blue Jackets Jersey, in private, Bell also In considering the future, it is learned that he had told the people around, if you leave Real Madrid, then Manchester United is one of his few destinations. At present, Bell is following Real Madrid to prepare for the Champions League final, this game, he may not be in front of his hometown father Zach Werenski Jersey, but the probability of Bell off the bench is very large.